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12 of the Best Images You Can Use on Your Facebook Business Page to Get More Customers!!!

Imagine Your Website in These Virtual Branding Scenes

With These 12 Scenes You Have Enough “High-Quality Visual Content” For
Months Of Posts!













Virtual Branding Scenes

It’s like big-budget Hollywood product placement advertising on a shoe-string budget.

Be Seen Chill-Laxing

Add your branding to a relaxing scene to let people know, dealing with you is stress-free.

Be Seen Being Used

Your Virtual Branding scene with someone using your site, creates call-to-action Social Proof.

Be Seen Ready To Serve

Brand loyalty starts with brand awareness. Use Virtual Branding scenes to create brand recognition.

Be Seen In Home Offices

Can someone in an office like this use your product?  Create Social Proof by showing others looking at your site.

Be Seen Being Shared

Use scenes showing your website being shared, to inspire others to also share and add to your Social Proof.

Be Seen Virtually Everywhere

You want to be seen everywhere because that is at the core of “the science of Social Proof.”

She’s Sharing Your Website

Showing your site being shared is a great form of Social Proof, giving your brand more credibility.

He’s Looking, While Playing Outdoors

Be seen at work and at play, in as many environments as your preferred customers can relate to.

He’s Looking at Your Site @ Work

Do people look at your site at work?  Then use a Virtual Branding scene to create relate-able Social Proof.

You’re Everywhere = Social Proof

The more your brand is seen in quality surroundings, the more Social Proof you are creating.

She’s Looking At Your Site

Do you prefer customers with disposable income? Show your brand in disposable income environments.

You Can Leverage the Value of Each Virtual Branding Scene by Applying These WHY, WHAT and WHERE Tips.


  • The all to common problem of coming up with high quality, meaningful content is solved.

  • They are ready to post and reuse on the same account or multiple social media accounts.
  • Virtual branding lets people see YOUR BRAND in different environments – Social Proof in Action.
  • You’ll be using the same influence science Coke and others use to generate brand awareness.

  • It’s like big-budget Hollywood product placement advertising on a shoe-string budget.
  • They humanize your brand and create an emotional connection with your audience.

  • Brand loyalty starts with brand awareness. Virtual Branding scenes create brand recognition.


  • Post testimonials. A referral gives you one lead. Testimonials give you leads over and over again.
  • The most engaging types of posts we publish on our page are questions. People love giving input.
  • Get a good review? Say Thank You! This is a great reputation building post and spreads good will.

  • Post quick tips and advice – it’s a great way to position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • Post inspiring or amusing quotes that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Post an insight. What type of amazing things do your clients discover when they work with you?

  • Read an interesting statistic or heard about a new study that relates to your industry? Post it with a VB Scene!


  • Use your VB scenes on Facebook to generate social proof because they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

  • Post on Facebook groups – they can have a powerful impact on users and your brand identity.

  • Use your VB scenes on your website. For example, put them side by side your testimonials.

  • Use as a Facebook cover image, creating brand recognition on the most important real estate on your page.

  • Reinforce your brand by including VB Scenes in your email marketing campaigns.
  • Posting VB Scenes on Linkedin will improve the visibility, credibility and success of your brand.

  • Post on any social sites your audience is on, using VB Scenes to expand brand awareness.
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