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Branding For Restaurants

Brand-Building Gets YOU More Customers & More Repeat Business

The name brands spend millions on market research before spending hundreds of millions on the advertising you eventually see. Knowing this, you too should take advantage of that million-dollar research and brand-build like the big boys but within your budget.

You don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising, but you can take advantage of the millions of dollars of research that’s getting dropped in your lap.

Pay Attention To Success To Improve Your Chances Of Success.

We have noticed that all the big brands use branded scenes, not just logos plopped on an image, but inserting their brand into the scene, using less glamour and more natural settings.

You Want Your Brand to Feel Like a Natural Part of The Scene.

These 12 virtually branded scenes are your way of doing precisely what 9-figure ad campaigns are doing but on your budget!

What Percentage of Your Customers Use Facebook?

Depending on your products or services, the average is 60% or more.

If 60% of your customers use Facebook there’s a good chance 60% of your future customers are Facebook users too.  What this means is, one way to get in front of 60% of your future customers is to post stuff on Facebook that will grab their attention.

Make your customers run into you.  Don’t make them have to search for you.  Let them keep seeing your brand solving a problem they have.  Even if they are not in need today, you want your brand to come to mind when they are in need.

Get in their face.  It’s virtually impossible to overdo it but it is very easy to underdo it.  People are bombarded with tons of visual stimulation every day.  You have to cut through the clutter and be seen.  You want your brand to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds that are in need of your services.

That requires effective brand-building!!!

Always Be Branding!
If you want a Coke, would you not buy it because you’ve seen their branding too many times?

Click here to see how the major players do it.